Western Union

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Money Sending

How to send money from a Western Union® Agent location?

With Western Union® Money TransferSM service, you can send money quick from more than 305,000 Western Union® Agent locations worldwide.
Sending money is so simply:

  • You should just go in the nearest Western Union® Agent location, that offers Western Union® Money TransferSM service and fill out to send money” form.

NOTE: This service may not be available at all Western Union Agent locations®.

  • Provide the filled out form, the amount that you will send and the respective commission to the clerk. A present a valid identification may be required according to the country laws and Western Union® rules.
  • Western Union agent register the data on the system. The agent provides Money Transfer Control Number and a copy of the form.
  • Give the MTCN to the person picking up the funds for extra convenience. If you will be asked by the respective country laws and Western Union® rules, then it may be necessary for you to write a “Question Test”, which is given by you to money Receiver and helps  Western Union® clerk to identify him.

Check the status of your money transfer

Western Union® offers you the possibility to control the status of your transfer.
To find out if the money you transferred has been picked-up, you can use our online Money Transfer Tracking service.
With Western Union® you can now transfer money via the internet.

NOTE: This service is currently only available in English. The online money transfer service is only available for transactions originating from the U.S. Additional restrictions may apply. If you want to send money via the Internet click here.